SMAC (Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri) PBEM RULES
By: cousLee, Aredhran, MoSe, jimmytrick, Bingmann, Mongoose, AlexDePol
    and a bunch of others.
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First posted: Tue Jun 29 23:05:20 CDT 1999

The Challenge : Rules

1. The CMN (Creator / Moderator / Narrator)

  Prepares the scenario, determines who plays which faction, sets passwords and starts the game.

  Acts as a neutral referee whenever a question or problem arises. Takes action against cheaters (see below).

  Maintains a flow of information between the players, by e-mail or using the forums, posts the player's reports, verbatim
  or not.

2. The players

  Pledge they will abide by the rules and play an Honest game.

  Do not cheat or intentionally take advantage of SMAC's "features".

  Refer to the CMN whenever there's a problem or question.

  Notify the CMN of possible cheaters.

  For the sake of making the Challenge known and interesting to the outside world, the CMN will create a story thread so
  the players can tell the world what their faction has been doing. It does not have to be every turn, and should not be a
  technical report of troop movements. Readers are interested in tactics, grand war stories and so forth. It should also be
  written in such a way that it does not reveal too much of the player's strategy. Stories may also posted directly on the

  The last player in the turn (i.e. Peacekeepers) must send a copy of the saved game to the CMN.

3.  Cheats (not allowed):

We start these challenges to have good fun and to see who are the better players. Someone who cheats, by his very act,
admits that he is a loser and is not worthy of participating in the Challenge.

The following things are considered cheating for the sake of this game. The list may not be comprehensive. If something
unexpected happens, the players will decide if it is considered a cheat or not. The CMN has the final word on any decision.
Thus, when in doubt, always ask the CMN before committing a potentially illegal maneuver.

A1> Multiple reloading the game to try for diffrent effects.
A2> Multiple drops or orbital insertions using the right-click menu.
A3> Taking advantage of the Secnario Editor bug.
A4> Carry terraforming trick Crediting up your formers and moving them to a new location to get instant improvements.
    The CMN has the right to allow this action on a case by case basis.
A5> If a player employs a tactic that causes a state of vendetta, They are not allowed to "accept" a pending diplomatic
    agreement with that faction.
A6> Treatied or Pacted faction probe team action answer "Declare Vendetta" unless permission is received in advance
    from the other player to "Let off with stern warning".
A7> Setting a unit's home base to a pactbrother's base is not allowed.


B1a> Upgrading units with the design workshop not allowed.
B1b> Upgrading units with the design workshop is allowed at end of turn.
B1c> Upgrading units with the design workshop is allowed anytime.

B2a> Communications between factions not allowed until you meet in the game. Restriction lifted after first counsel called.
B2b> Communications between factions allowed from the start. No restrictions.

B3a> No base trading with the AI at any time.
B3b> All base trading must be CMN approved.
B3c> Unrestricted base trading.

B4a> Social engineering choice limited to one switch per line every 5 yrs.
B4b> Social engineering choice limited to one switch per line every 3 yrs.
B4c> No social engineering limits. (or custom setting).

-- end --